2 June 2020


Hello all IGALA-ers!

In this the latest issue of the IGALA blog we are very pleased to present an essay by Prof. Jane Sunderland (IGALA President 2006-2008) in response to the recently published Editorial by the new editors of Gender and Language (you can access the open-source editorial by following this link).


Many thanks to Jane for her thoughtful and insightful piece, “In praise of the Editorial”. We are sure you will enjoy reading it.

As always, we welcome your responses to any of the blog posts as well as any ideas you have for future blog topics. Please contact Ben Rowlett, the blog co-ordinator, at to discuss.


Welcome to the 4th issue of the Igala blog! One year has passed from the first issue and we are delighted to see that the blog is growing as a platform where people from the academic world share their research and their experience in relation to language, gender and se...

Several months have passed since IGALA 9 and I have had time to reflect on the

events and experiences that were packed into four days at City University of Hong

Kong. This was my first time attending an IGALA conference, as well as my first time

traveling to Hong Kong. I...

Sexist language and the discussion revolving around it has interested me for a number of years now; it is also closely related to my own research on 3rd person singular pronouns. However, after becoming aware of a wider spectrum of gender than ‘men and women’, I began...

Television comedy panel shows are a staple of British television and a major part of the UK’s creative industry. The format usually involves four to six comedians answering questions in teams about current affairs, music, sports, politics, history (although each panel...

A few years ago a student of mine was complaining about a grade I had given him, and in the course of the conversation he referred to me as Mademoiselle [Miss], which immediately made me wince. I live in France, where teachers at all levels are addressed as Madame [Mrs...

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