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The 11th biennial conference of the International Gender and Language Association (IGALA11) will be held online, hosted by Queen Mary University of London,  from 22 - 24 June 2021

The theme of IGALA11 in London in 2020 is Language and the Geopolitics of Gender. With this theme, we aim to highlight the geopolitical dimensions of language, gender and sexuality scholarship. Our goal is to showcase research on configurations of language, gender and sexuality from a diverse range of cultural, linguistic and geographical contexts, and in particular work that engages with issues of coloniality, globalisation, migration, (trans)nationalism and/or modernity. We also aim to encourage discussions of methodological and epistemological diversity, and of the broader dynamics of knowledge creation and dissemination in our field.

Please see the conference website for more information!





Our most recent event was IGALA 10, which was held at the University of Botswana, Gaborone, hosted by Sibonile Ellece, in June 2018.  Below are some pictures from the event!


































IGALA conferences are held every two years, and take place around the world. Slides from presenters at IGALA 9 in Hong Kong, can be seen here. Huge thanks to Ann Coady (Sheffield Hallam University, UK) for organising this. A selection of images from IGALA 9 can be seen here.

IGALA grad students attending the workshop on Entering the Academic Job Market
IGALA10 conference organisers, IGALA board members and Past Presidents of IGALA
IGALA delegates enjoy a post-conference lunch in Gaborone

Organizing an IGALA conference


Organising a future IGALA Conference


IGALA members interested in organizing the IGALA 12 conference are invited to present their proposal to the IGALA Board at a meeting ahead of IGALA 11 in London (by Skype or in person). IGALA is a non-profit organization and welcomes bids to host IGALA conferences from academic institutions active in researching and teaching language, gender and sexuality issues.


If you are interested in submitting a proposal, please contact Holly Cashman, IGALA President, at <>, so that she can officially register your interest.


Your proposal should include the following information*:


•          Name and affiliation of: Organizing Team Members & Conference Chair

•          Proposed dates (2 at least)

•          Proposed location: country, city, specific venue

•          General information about the region

•          Access to the venue (plane, train, bus & distances)

•          Info and pictures of the venue and city

•          List of the infrastructure/facilities of the venue

•          List of reasons why this would be a good venue to host an IGALA conference (e.g. if the conference facilities can be available for free, as this reduces the registration fees, not been held there before, with a good 'catchment area', famous willing plenary speakers in the area already, etc)

•          Accommodation around the area

•          Visa info

•          Possibilities on themes for the conference

•          Estimation of the registration fees (range of prices)

•          What would be included in the registration fees

•          Possibilities of funding (funding agencies, sponsors)

•          Ability to act as treasurer for IGALA and the conference in the two years prior to the conference, i.e. to open a bank account and handle the disbursement of conference travel grants

•          Liaison with other associations

•          Other items you might like to add to show why this would be a perfect place to host an IGALA conference


(*Thanks to Ana Ostermann for providing these guidelines)



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