Useful language, gender and sexuality resources


Thanks to IGALA members for their suggestions and contributions to this list! If you would like to suggest an addition to this page, please contact Lucy Jones with the details.

Scholarly networks


  •  Efigies Genre & Langage (a French site detailing opportunities for colleagues in France who are involved in scholarly research associated with language and gender, and feminist linguistics)





Teaching resources


  • Teaching Language and Gender. This article, by Jane Sunderland and Joan Swann, outlines possible content for language and gender courses and addresses issues which may arise in the classroom setting. 


Research bibliographies





  • Heiko Motschenbacher's bibliography on Language, Gender, and Sexuality. Though this is not online, the book reference is: 

Motschenbacher, Heiko (2012): An Interdisciplinary Bibliography on Language, Gender and Sexuality (2000-2011). Amsterdam: John Benjamins. [ISBN: 978-90-272-1200-9]


Blogs dealing with language and gender issues addition to the IGALA blog, of course!






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